1. How does TENS work

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS is the application of low level pulsed electrical current through surface electrodes placed on the skin. The 'touch stimulation' produced by the Pulsar has two effects on the body's pain signalling system.
Firstly, it activates a pain suppression system which restricts the amount of pain signals reaching the brain, it is able to dimish the percieved pain. This mechanism is often referred to as the 'Gate Control theory' of pain.

Secondly, it encourages the body to increase its production of ntural opiate-like substances, called Endorphines, which again reduce the number of pain signals from reaching the brain. We can think of this mechanism as if it were raising our 'pain tolerance level'.

Studies have shown that using TENS will help pain in upto 80% of patients, the overall result depending on the individual and the condition treated. It can be used alone as the primary method of pain relief or in conjuction with other analgesics

2. The Technique

TENS works by sending electrical impulses across your skin which gently stimulates your ‘touch’ nerves.
This stimulation acts to block many of the pain signals reaching the brain and it also encourages the body to produce its own natural pain relieving substances, called Endorphins, which further reduce the awareness of pain.

3. TENS as Labour pain relief

About TENS

TENS is a safe, effective, non-evasive method of pain relief that can be used along with other pain relief measures to give the expectant mom control over the pain caused by labour contractions.
TENS helps the mom remain in control, stay alert, and considerably reduce drug intake.
Most importantly, there are no known side effects for mom and baby!

TENS is safe for you and your baby

TENS uses the natural regulatory systems within your body and has no known harmful effects neither on you, nor your baby.

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At birth, babies born to mothers using a TENS tend to be more alert and responsive than those born to mothers using powerful drugs such as Pethidine.

TENS can be used alone as the primary method of pain relief during childbirth but is often used in conjunction with other forms of analgesia.

The electrode placement positions on your back have been carefully chosen to provide maximum pain relief without any harmful effects. The sensation produced at the electrodes can be described as a pleasant tingling feeling.

Many of your pain signals will be blocked instantly while your pain relieving endorphins will build with time. The strength of stimulation is set by you to the highest comfortable level. For extra pain relief during contractions, an additional hand held boost button increases the rate of TENS’ stimulation pulses.

The technique is non-invasive, easily used and reversible. When TENS is switched off, the blocking of the nerve pathways stops and the endorphins produced are broken down by your body over a period of several hours with no remaining effects.

A step by step guide in every rental pack shows you exactly where to position the electrodes and how to use the TENS. A TENS can also be used for post operative pain relief after a Caesar. Specific details of this application are given in the user guide.

4. Specifications

Adjustable 0-48 mA peak into 1000 ohm load
15-200 Hz continuous
15-200 Hz modulated at 2 bursts per sec (2Hz) - 180 msec on, 320 msec off
Adjustable 0-48 mA peak into 1000 ohm load
9V type PP3, 6F22
6.1 x 10.4 x 3.1cm
TENS S 135gms with battery
TENS D 153gms with battery

You should not use a TENS if you have a cardiac pacemaker.